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app [29 Jan 2015|08:51pm]
name: there is a 3 challenge limit per celebrity
journal: unlinked!
wire name (optional) & contact post:
examples: required, at least two entry examples, scene examples are optional, please dropbox or post in your journal!
request membership: here & here & here
please have anons disabled upon applying, once you have been accepted please make your journal so only community members can comment you!
if you have been here before but not as the applying celeb, please re-submit your examples or if you feel comfortable enough say who your previous role was. thank you!

NOTE: we do not answer inquiries about why you were rejected. if your application was missing anything, such as examples or a screened post, we will notify you. also, please keep in mind when activity checks roll around we look at different things when it comes to challenges so if your app is rejected, it is nothing personal but returning members are also not guaranteed to get back in either!

adds every monday, wednesday & friday 8-9pm est
removals are done with adds!
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welcome to celeb! [29 Jan 2015|08:58pm]
welcome to celeb! we are your average celebrity community with just a few twists to keep things fun and interesting. the usual roleplay rules apply: the ic and ooc line is very thin, so please remain ic at all times and do not cross it. as roleplayers ourselves, we want to make sure your time spent here is fun and easygoing. we have fun activities for everyone ranging from question posts to discussion posts, plus friendly has more in store for you as well! if you want something we don't have active yet then that's okay! join us anyway and throw your ideas at us, we always love hearing feedback and collaborating with members. everything you need to know about joining or being a member is listed here, so please take the time to read everything!
taken & rules & activities

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